Lisbon in a day

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Lisbon in a day
You can see the key points in the Portuguese capital in one day – museums, monuments and views that are an eyeful.

Start with a view from the top. From the walls of the São Jorge Castle, you can take in the whole city, the hills, the Tagus, the rooftops. Lisbon is revealed at its most serene from the top of this stronghold conquered from the Moors in 1147 by the first Portuguese King.

Walking down the hillside, you can take Tram 28 at the Portas do Sol viewpoint, and stop off at the Romanesque Cathedral, located on the former site of a mosque. Besides the church, you can also visit the Museu do Tesouro (Treasury Museum) and the cloisters. Getting back on tram 28, you arrive at the city centre, which you can see on foot. Walking up to Chiado it’s time for lunch. Whether in a pavement terrace or a more refined restaurant, the choice is wide and varied.

In the afternoon, follow the sun, heading west. Set aside some time to visit the National Museum of Ancient Art, one of the most important in the country, with a remarkable collection of sculpture, jewellery and Portuguese and European painting from the 14th to the 19th centuries, the highlight of which are the Painéis de São Vicente (St. Vincent Panels). The museum tour continues to Belém, to the Coach Museum, to see a collection that is unique in the world and includes carriages used by both the Portuguese and European courts.


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