Portugal Health and Well-being

 Health and Well-being

There’s nothing like an old recipe using ingredients offered by nature to take care of your health and to escape routine: fine weather, sunshine, clean air, clear waters, and plants and algae with therapeutic properties. You can depend on it. It may be at a thermal resort or a spa, by the sea or in the mountains.

There are different health and well-being programmes suitable for everyone. These relaxing moments, indispensable for restoring balance, can be undertaken in different ways. At a thermal spa, using traditional techniques, enjoying the therapeutic properties and mineral richness of the waters; taking advantage of the extensive coastline and the Atlantic waters for thalassotherapy; or through relaxation sessions based on the regenerating effects of wine, chocolate or hot stones which you will find at spas and resorts as a complement to a holiday taken in style.

With opportunities all over the country, Portugal offers true havens to shake off the “diseases of modern life” and find peace and inner serenity and restore your energy.

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