Discovering Sintra – A Romantic Town

Discovering Sintra – A Romantic Town!lisbon-and-coast/cdzg

Exotic gardens, exuberant parks with meandering footpaths amid century-old trees, fancifully decorated palaces, small ponds with inviting recesses and fake ruins in the middle of the natural landscape are undoubtedly sources of inspiration for a special moment.

To celebrate love on an important date, to find the ideal place to get married or even spend your honeymoon, or for no reason at all, Sintra is certainly one of the most romantic destinations in Portugal, where kings and queens have fallen in love and which writers and poets, like Eça de Queiroz and Lord Byron, immortalised in their works.

For a truly romantic feel, take a ride in a horse-drawn carriage. There are several circuits departing from the town centre which will take you through romantic settings reminiscent of the 19th century, amid palaces and woodland, bringing to mind aristocrats of former times sauntering about the mountain and engulfing you in their magic.




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