Welcome to Portugal Historical Villages

Made of granite, keep histories of conquest and ancient traditions. Visit them and find one of our best kept secrets. Are the center of Portugal and find themselves far away in the lofty towers of its medieval castles. Today they are peaceful and keep the stones of the street and the houses that Portugal has the most genuine: the authenticity of his people and a proud history of 900 years.

It was not always so. Based on the top of the mountains, its towers and walls are patrolling the surrounding land. That is why we are strategically aligned along the border. Kings and lords of the land they knew so they could sleep more peaceful. They were wrong sometimes. Moors and Christians, Spaniards and Portuguese, all tried to take them for you and so each one has an ancient history or a tale to tell. Or a more recent history. How Almeida, whose formidable fortress capitulated in the century. Century before the French troops commanded by Massena, after a heroic resistance of 17 days.
You will find many reasons in our charming historical villages. And not only is the heritage and history. Here you can enjoy the most magnificent landscapes of Portugal and feel surrounded by more natural sympathy.


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