Halloween in Enniskillen

Enniskillen CastleYesterday Jono and I headed up to Enniskillen, we got there early enough so it wasn’t too busy.  Asda has a lot of Christmas stock in already as well as loads of Halloween goodies.  I love the fact that you get three hours of parking there free as well.  One thing that I think lets Sligo down is the parking fees.  I was in the Quayside for 2 and a half hours on Sunday and it cost me €3.00.  It’s free to park on a Sunday in Enniskillen.  I really think there should be an incentive in Sligo where if you are shopping in certain shops you should at least get an hours free parking.  Anyway I’m rambling!  Back to Enniskillen now.  I love B&M and Poundland there are some brilliant bargains to be had and so much cheaper than here in the South.  Although there are some things I…

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